INTERVIEW: Erin from Happinest

It’s almost time for the crazy wedding season to start and we know just how important it is to have the right decor for your wedding!

So we decided to sit and chat to Erin from Happinest all about decor styling.

Happinest is a creative company based in Cape Town that specialises in wedding coordination, styling and design.
Their passion is making your vision come to life and they are here to help in any and every way that they can. With the perfect balance of creativity and logistical skills, they can assure you that they are well equipped to handle every little detail of your wedding day. They pride ourselves in high attention to detail and would absolutely love to create a bespoke look and feel just for you!



1. How and why did you start Happinest?

I am and always have been a creative soul, and after working in advertising in an environment very focused on management and logistics, I wanted to find a way that I could combine both my analytical and creative skills to create something extra special that I could start on my own. I am a sucker for a good love story and obsessed with beautiful weddings, so becoming a wedding coordinator and stylist was the obvious choice!

2. What are the essential décor items you should have at a wedding?

I would say one of the most important items are the vessels you choose to use for your florals. Often people underestimate the impact a good vase can have on the overall look and feel of a tablescape and how it can guide the florist to create the right aesthetic. This and of course, beautiful stationery to tie everything together such as the menu, place cards and seating chart.

3. Greenery and DIY is the new in thing to do for weddings, what are your thoughts on this trend?

I am in love with the use of greenery and foliage to bulk up arrangements and create a botanical look. It’s a great way to save on your budget and still create something unique and beautiful, especially if you include just a few feature flowers amongst the greenery for a pop of colour.

When it comes to DIY, there are certain aspects that I definitely advocate for, but others that I would steer my clients away from. Often what you see on Pinterest isn’t what you get as the end result, so I would always advise to be careful when deciding which elements are the right ones to DIY, and which things you should rather bring in a professional to handle. You can often save a bit of money (contrary to popular belief) by going with a pro in place of spending a lot of time and money to DIY something when you’re not 100% sure what the end result will be, meaning any mishaps may end up costing you more than expected.

4. How many months before your wedding should you book a stylist to do your décor?

We’re very flexible at HAPPINEST, and can make magic happen in very small spaces of time if necessary – but ideally you would need at least 3-6 months to develop the perfect concept, source the right pieces and ensure there is enough lead time to secure and book everything you need.

HAPPINEST_00025. Do you think it is necessary to hire a stylist to do décor for you?

This truly depends on the couple. We work with a range of different personalities; some lovebirds have a very specific vision in mind and need our expertise and contacts to bring this all to life. Others would prefer for us to conceptualise the entire look and feel through interpreting their personal style and taste. I would definitely say that hiring a stylist can minimize your stress not only on a logistical level of finding the right suppliers at the right price, but also on a creative level as our job is to always look at everything holistically and ensure that every element comes together in a way that will ‘wow’ your heart.

6. Where can we follow you on social media?


Instagram: @happinestweddings



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