INTERVIEW: Rebecca Ashby from The Pink Orange

The Pink Orange has become a premier stationer stylishly capturing life’s special moments for a broad range of clients. Rebecca’s love for ephemera began as a little girl and her infatuation led to degree in Fine Arts and a BFA in Graphic Design. The Pink Orange opened its doors in 2006, with a vision of crafting luxury stationery that is both exquisite and meaningful.

Client style is intrinsic to the design process, and is what helps make each project unique. By pulling details and inspirations from the everyday, The Pink Orange has created a suite of stationery and retail products that capture personal style hallmarked by special touches to create lasting impressions.

The Pink Orange has attracted high-profile and celebrity clients such as Lady Antebellum; Boston Red Sox pitcher, Craig Breslow; and hip hop artists, Justin Bieber, Trey Songz, John ‘Fabolous’ Jackson and Meek Mill. Having been featured at the 85th Annual Oscar Awards, The Pink Orange is a tried-and-true resource for its stylish and discerning clientele.

Ps-8282How did the Pink Orange start?The Pink Orange started in 2006 as a custom, luxury invitation design boutique. My love for weddings after being engaged that year sparked the business and the rest is history!
Why did you choose the name The Pink Orange? I choose The Pink Orange as a name for my business because even though it started as custom design, I wasn’t sure where my journey as a business owner would take me, so I wanted to choose a name that would be an attention grabber and not back myself into a corner in terms of working on just weddings or corporate design. What I love most about my name is the compliments I get, but also everyone asks how I came up with the name.
Where do you see it going? Right now, we are working on some really great additions to the line (especially the home office) and I’m currently looking for brick and mortar space! This is very exciting becauseI’ll have space to work with both our clients who need custom design work, but also the retail space.

What is your favourite? Coffee or Tea? Coffee for sure! Flavored is a bonus!
How do you typically spend a saturday morning? Enjoying my flavored coffee while snuggling with my son, watching cartoons. I feel like the week is such a fast paced time, that I love that time we have together. There is usually painting, coloring and Legos to follow.
Where can The Pink Orange products be purchased? The Pink Orange can be purchased in about 80 retailers both in the US and internationally as well as with some really great online retailers.

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