INTERVIEW: Bliss Boutique Hotel

We had the amazing opportunity of shooting some of our images at the stunning Bliss Boutique Hotel and we got to interview the owners.

SWPhotography1895What made you open up a hotel?

As we are in property development we bought this property as an investment. The more time we spent in it the more we realized that we could make this a home away from home. We love the finer things in life and so we added every detail that we would expect to find if we were travelling. We designed most of the furniture and sourced all the art with out featured artist Michaela Rinaldi. We spent years perfecting every room! As a result BLISS was born. A place we can go to as comfortable as our own home! We love opening our home to visitors, we love hosting events, meeting new people and sharing a fabulous experience with others, we’re passionate about hospitality and service, so wanted to offer these things to our guests and visitors.

What was the inspiration behind the name BLISS?
We actually rebranded! You may have noticed the big yellow door upon arrival, the name of the hotel was originally “Porta Amarela” which means “Yellow Door” but we found people struggled to pronounce and remember the name. A few months ago we were shooting the video footage for our website (which you can see here) and when wrapping the shoot we sat back and marvelled at the final interior styling and soft furnishings, we said to eachother “Wow this place is sheer Bliss!” and I immediately logged on to the domain registrar and registered the name. We worked with our PR and Designers that same day to rebrand everything and launch as BLISS just a few months later. We’re now open and so far, our guests all experience BLISS in every sense of the word.


SWPhotography_MG_9572What does a typical day at BLISS Boutique hotel look like?
Our days start early, Chef Dean is in the kitchen preparing breakfast, our guests wake up from a deep slumber on our famous super-comfortable beds, they roll out of those egyptian cotton sheets and start their day feeling rested! Depending on the weather the day may start with a crystal clear view of the mountain from across the bay, or a moody cloudy sky will roll in and change the view completely. In the summer months you’ll find guests at the pool or on the private beach enjoying meals brought to them, (yes we offer luxuries such as beach and pool service!) some will be in the ocean enjoying Kite-Surfing, SUP (stand up paddling) or Surfing. We also offer trips out to winelands and nightclubs and provide guests with VIP experiences. In the winter months guests enjoy long sumptuous lunches and wine or whisky tastings in our bar or restauarant.

To be honest, there is no typical day, you have to spend some time here and find your BLISS. Whether its upstairs on the roofdeck, in your comfy room or even in our wine cellar. Our events calendar also means there is an opportunity to enjoy yourself and have some fun with us at least once a month. To be invited to our events, sign up to our database.

Three words that describe BLISS?



SWPhotography_MG_9349What are your dreams for BLISS?
Our dreams are being realized. Guests come and enjoy our restaurant Beach & Bites and remark how amazing the food is, that really makes us happy! We love it when guests have a great sleep and comment on how comfortable the beds are, it means alot to us as we curated those details with our guests in mind. We love to know guests have experienced great service as our staff are all so passionate.

It might be nice to one day have a collection of hotels but for now BLISS in Sunset Beach is our passion! As the saying goes, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

We’ve just opened so want to establish ourselves and offer excellent service, keeping our guests happy is really important.

Where can people find you on social media
Instagram @Bliss.Hotel
Twitter @Bliss_Hotel
Facebook BlissBoutiqueHotelSA

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