INTERVIEW – Dagmar from Liberty Bespoke

We love hearing from different creative businesses in South Africa, we got to interview and chat to Owner of Liberty Bespoke, Dagmar Palmer.

How did Liberty Bespoke start?

The original idea started from a desire to create something that was totally unique, something tangible that touches the heart and soul. A message on paper does this, especially in today’s world where everything is becoming increasingly digital. You can express yourself on paper, it is a personal communication and you can touch and feel it.

In my communications company, The Titanium Room, we work with paper on a daily basis, which inspired me to create a range of bespoke stationery. Paper has a story to tell and I wanted to share this story with people who feel as passionate as I do about quality paper and personal, meaningful communication. As a result, I was inspired to create a brand offering that has been designed as an expression of our natural environment.


Where did the inspiration come from?

We live in an interactive world, where social media and digital communication rules our daily lives. By contrast, I was inspired to create a range of bespoke stationery that would be intimate and personal, and my creativity is deeply rooted in my European background. Liberty Bespoke is unique and distinctive. We use artisan processes such as letterpress and traditional printing processes, and every item is assembled by hand in our creative studio.


What made you choose stationery?

I was inspired to create bespoke stationery, a collection of designed papers. I am a designer, and this stationery studio is what drives me. It inspires me and gives me a platform to express how my life inspires me, onto paper.

The first range of bespoke stationery, Blossom, was designed as an expression of our natural environment. The end result is a crafted range reflecting a botanicals theme. The second range has a Japanese inspiration. I love this range. It has the basic colour pattern with little animals that come to life in print and with my favourite finish, the letterpress.

The Antler range reflects luxury and sophistication. Savile Row envelopes in camel, purple and brown are enclosed with stationery reflecting the antler monogram, houndstooth and graphic patterns. The collection offers a range of foiled cards, in golds, bronzes, rose golds and gift tags in metallics. We recently launched our fourth range, the Island Bay Collection. The colours reflect our African heritage, bright, vibrant, strong. The range consists of tags, cards and wrapping paper.

All in all, Liberty Bespoke has something to offer everyone who loves luxurious stationery items, whatever your taste and preference, and with every season we will have something new and exhilarating to add to the range.


Where do you see Liberty Bespoke going?

It’s still early days for this exciting brand, but we are in the process of working on our next collection.My dream would be to showcase our designs and tangile prodcuts to the international market. New horizons, new challenges, but we are confident that Liberty Bespoke will do well in the international market, a market that understands luxury stationery.

What is your favourite? Coffee or Tea?

I enjoy a cup of herbal tea at the end of the day, but I prefer a good, strong cup of black coffee to start the day.

How do you typically spend a Saturday morning?

From time to time Liberty Bespoke participates in special markets, such as the Linden Market, Kamers Vol Geskenke, A Blooming Affair at Roedean, The Ridge Founders Day, and the Wishbone Christmas Market.

On Saturday mornings when I’m not involved with market days, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Steven, and our two amazing daughters, Julia and Sophia. The girls have a very busy schedule of school and sports activities, and we believe in doing everything together as a family and starting the week-end at home with a beautiful breakfast.

Where can Liberty Bespoke products be purchased?

Anyone who is interested in viewing the Liberty Bespoke range of gift stationery is welcome to pop in to our studio which is situated on the first floor at number 2 Park Centre, on the corner of 4th Avenue and 12th Street in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. Alternatively, they can view and shop online at


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