Our Story

Founders, Mother & Daughter

Founders, Mother & Daughter of Chocolate Cherry Store have always had a mutual love and passion for interior decor and design, which has led to the start of Chocolate Cherry.

Years of passion for the interior design industry, exposure to the manufacturing side, seeing the process of beautiful pieces being designed and manufactured first-hand has led them here.

Chocolate Cherry now allows them to share those beautiful pieces with you. Chocolate Cherry is part of a bigger family design business where they have worked with many brands such as Tigers Milk, Top Billing, Harbour House and many other brands / interior decorators.

We are constantly looking at new trends and will be stocking our studio with beautiful scatters, throws, table decor and rugs. We are hoping that the items will allow you to express your own unique decor style allowing you to be creative within your space.  A simple makeover does not always need excess.  Minor changes can immediately transform any space and we are hoping that our selections will help you achieve this.  

We have an extensive fabric range and can therefore offer you customised pieces based on your colour or design preference.  

We look forward to creating beautiful places and spaces with you!